Patch Pals

Patch Pals™ are eye patches that attach easily to glasses and are available for both right or left lenses. There is no adhesive to irritate the skin.

Patch Pals™ are made of a felt-like material and slide over the lens.

Patch Pals™ are one size fits all.

Patch Pals™ are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Patch Pals™ can be carefully washed by hand in cold water. A damp cloth may be used for slight marks. Do not put the patches in the dryer


Patch Pals™ come in a large variety of colours and designs. Please call 1.800.461.1200 to order.



Teddy Bears
Our soft and cuddly teddy bears are just what any child needs to feel secure and comfortable with patching.   Each bear comes with an eye patch of their own - this eye patch is adhesive. 15" tall.

Please call 1.800.461.1200

Ortopad® Patching

Reward Posters
We also carry Patching Posters, designed to encourage children to continue the use of Patch Pals™.  Available in a wide variety of designs. 16" x 20"

Please call 1.800.461.1200